CALZATURIFICIO SARTORI is specialized in production of shoes for man, from medium up to high quality, classical and casual style with leather upper and sole made of leather and synthetic materials.

It was established by the grandfather of the current holders in the 30's as “BOTTEGA DEL CIABATTINO” (Cobbler’s shop) and it is the oldest shoe factory in this local area. At the beginning, as an artisan activity, only 5/6 pairs were produced daily, completely handmade; at that time the productivity was not so essential. In 1950, production started to take its first steps with the help of machineries and employers, due to an increasing demand. In 1965, Mrs. Luigia Sartori joined her father's commercial activities.

In 1969, a big change happened after the company was taken over by Mrs. Luigia Sartori along with her husband Angiolino Veratti, an expert in shoe manufacturing. From that point the company started to grow and became a small industry. The factory started its challenge with the trade and the Calzaturificio Sartori gained a place in the field of men’s footwear.

In the beginning of the 1979, Calzaturificio Sartori changed its identity and became a limited private company and between 1975 and 1979 it abandoned the Italian market , split and difficult, to start the adventure with the world trading. In 1985 Calzaturificio Sartori became a shareholder with Mrs. Sartori and her husband Mr. Veratti as board of directors.

The world of trading started to appreciate the term “Made in Italy” and its style: the company had grown financially and economically, increasing the production and employment up to 100 employers and it collaborated with 10 artisan contractors. All the products were made in Italy.

In the 90's, the elder son Edoardo and the daughter Debora started to work in the factory and join the parent’s company. In 2005 Matteo, their younger son joined them too.

In 2000 the Calzaturificio Sartori decided to open a factory in Romania for the production of the upper under control of our specialized technicians. It was a difficult decision for the parents because they fought in order to preserve the Italian ability and the know-how , but the sons were thinking about the future according to the new economical trade.

In 2008/2009 the parents left the company and Edoardo is now the head of the director's board.

2001 we gained a certification by SATRA UK under the regulation of UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and it was renewed in 2009 in order to ensure the quality of the products, essential for the international buyers who pay attention to the certificates of the product, to the environment and to the mastery.

Nowadays, there are 70 employers in Italy with 5 artisan contractors. The factory in Oradea (Romania) employs 200 workers. 70% of cutting and stitching are made in Romania but just the 25% of the lasting .

Calzaturificio Sartori wants to remain an Italian manufacturing company as much as possible and to preserve the "Made in Italy" to guarantee quality, safety and punctuality for our customers. The company has started the production of ladies’ shoes, always in leather upper on leather or rubber sole, with quite a successfully quantity for the year 2010.